Named. Seriea.

“Ok you don’t know me, I don’t know you, how about we each say our name and tell each other a little something about ourselves”

“aha, for once American, you are right,”

the man smirks.

“hello, my name is abu, I was once a child soldier; in the backlands of sierre leone until I was caught by the UN, but now I have a home in Italy, and i am studying to be a marine biologist.”

“Hello, i’m Charlie brown,”

“Hey, Mr Charlie Brown, can I ask you something?” Charlie brown is surprised,

“when you first heard music, what did it sound like?”

Charlie brown pauses.

“it was like the crack of dawn on a cloudless day,” he spoke simply, that was the best way to put it.

“Mr Charlie brown, when I first heard music, it was after fear, when I used to hear only the clatatat of guns, or the BOOM of mines exploding around me, taking my brothers and sisters. When I first heard music, they played me tchaikovsky and told me to close my eye’s, it is safe to say I cried.”

“Mr charlie Brown, are me and you alike?”

Charlie Brown pauses.

“When I was a kid, there was a song, (hums)called nobody knows my struggles, from a cartoon called charlie brown, he asked the kinda the same thing, we are all alike abu, I’m just an American,”

Abu laughs,

“Aha mr Charlie brown, you didn’t answer the question. Listen to my poem, sir,

-it goes,

when I was a young boy, I saw the purple tree’s in the veranda,

and they spoke to me,

whispering softly in the breeze.

It was a while before I tasted the ocean air, but by then I had already grown accustomed to the sun on my back. When the storm finally came for me,

I was all swaying branches and purple tree’s.

Do you know what this means, Mr charlie Brown?”

Charlie is stumped

“I have not a clue abu, will you enlighten me.”

Abu laughs, in mystery.

“it appears we are alike then Charlie, for I too do not know, it is just something I learnt a long time ago, from an American.”

“don’t you think it is strange that we understand each other, even though our languages are different?”

“I have a surprise for you Mr charlie Brown,”

“Mr charlie?”

“Charlie Brown”

He looks down at the corpse beside him.

there is silence, then the sound of bombs falling in the distance.

mysterious drums begin to play from somewhere outside but not far away.

Abu lights a cigarette, and inhales deeply, closing his eye’s with his hand wrapped around the bleeding hand of his comrade.

“we are already in heaven Charlie Brown… we are already in heaven.”

Fades to white to the sound of Abu crying.

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