What I would create if I worked in the ISU.

Last year, the Olympic Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan elected me as a member of the Athletes Commission at the National Olympic Committee.

This was an encouraging news and interesting experience, taking into account my commitment to the Olympic movement and active participation in the Olympic Bidding Race as part of the work with the Olympic Campaign “Almaty 2022".

Plus, in my arsenal, there is experience in producing and organizing ice shows, experience in managing the youth fund, experience in participating in political and diplomatic events, as well as studying under the MBA program.

In the summer, when the ISU announced the introduction of the Athletes Commission, I thought this was a great step towards linking closer relations between athletes and the International Skating Union.

A little later, I was asked to send an application for participation in this program. I was not completely sure of this, because by today I have sports priorities above all, but on a spare time I also work on several “non-sports” projects, which, in the near future, I hope, many will learn.

However, I gave it a thought, trying to figure out what I’d do if worked in the ISU, not necessarily as an Athletes Commission Member. After thinking a couple of days, an idea came to me, which I thought has the potential to be implemented.

This idea is not directly related to the Athletes Commissioner work, it’s only a reflection on how it would be possible to modernize the internal environment among athletes.

In addition to the extensive list of my hobbies, over the past 5 years, I’ve been immersed in the study of IT. I’m interested in the start-up environment, innovative technologies, long-term projects that benefit, that help. In the development of some ideas, I even participate, but these projects are still hidden under the curtain of secrecy.

However, within the framework of this specific idea, I would like to open up a bit more. Immediately I warn you, this is a large-scale thing with a lot of verticals. It would take time and financial investments to develop it. But after thinking it over, it seems to me that the project deserves attention.

The idea is to create an IT platform where athletes can open their potential for interacting with each other, share ideas about improving the athletic environment, assess the quality of each competition (for example independently evaluate senior B events) and self-learn.

As part of the ECO-system, the ISU could directly educate athletes, keep abreast of new regulations, important topics, explain why some decisions were made so that athletes more consciously understand the importance of what is happening outside the ice arena.

Through this project, athletes could more closely interact with each other, taking part in a deeper network, no matter where in the world they are located. This would help to connect athletes from different sports under the auspices of the ISU, creating a more grouped society and a stronger tool for the popularization of three sports at once.

On behalf of figure skaters, the introduction of useful features such as «GOE-calculator» to evaluate technical merit for skating programs, a cloud-based music storage service, online form filling, instant (push-)notification of an invitation to participate in post-competitive Gala Concerts, interview requests from media, and an individual guestbook for fans to leave good luck messages — could make the atmosphere for athletes more productive and modern.

Attribution to each athlete individual identification key and online passport, would allow them to more deeply analyze sports results, devote a stronger focus on training and competitions, plan schedule more effectively.

Online passports for coaches would allow a more scrupulous control over accreditation process and would also help to avoid practice schedule conflicts, when a coach has more than one athlete in different categories.

Meanwhile, the built-in calendar of events would automatically mark future tournaments (thanks to the athletes online passport), informing the athlete in advance about the geolocation of the competitions, the schedule of trainings, the time zone, the weather and many other essentials.

By the way, the ability to fill in forms online would not only reduce the amount of paper used, but would also significantly improve the productivity of this process.

In this case, the athletes would fill in the forms online signing them with their individual key (similar to electronic signature), and the modernized data base would automatically enter data into the register, thereby reducing additional work for transcription from the hand-written documents.

This improvement of the current data base would provide athletes with a range of tools for their development.

The ability to network or co-operate with other athletes would open up opportunities for organization or participation in independent training camps.

The introduction of a contacts book within the platform would allow the making of direct appeals or invitations for athletes to events from various federations and the like.

For the pairs or ice dance skaters that currently do not have a partner, this project would give the opportunity to officially contact other single partners, thereby contributing to the creation of new sports or dance couples.

Summarizing, below is a list of bullet points highlighting the most important points.

Again, via this platform the athletes will be able to:

  • Get together; to network, liaise and interact with each other
  • To publicly communicate and propose their thoughts about ISU Sports Development
  • To communicate with the athletes on a peer-to-peer basis collecting feedback & ideas straight from the ice field
  • Offer a fresh perspective on new trends and issues that sports organizations are often faced with
  • Educate athletes about new rules, important topics, anti-doping information
  • Set up competition schedules, technical requirement goals etc
  • Provide a better understanding of why and how some decisions are reached
  • Notify athletes about their upcoming events, post-competition gala-invitations, media-requests
  • Fill in online important ISU forms (Planned Program Content forms, Biography, Music updates etc)
  • Upload programs music to a cloud-based service that would make it available anywhere in the world for the Athletes and the International Skating Union

This list can continue under the definition of new functions, ideas and additions. But since the idea of ​​the service is quite large for implementation, the basic example of a technology portal was given above.

It would take about 1.5 years to develop the portal.

Would be interesting to hear the thoughts of other athletes on the contribution to make our community better.