Visual Studio Snacks — Open With extension

Today I was configuring a new Mac OS machine for Xamarin Development and while I was adding extensions to Visual Studio, I stumble upon a extension called Open With that had the following description “Provides a way to customize the editors used to Open With in MonoDevelop, Xamarin Studio and Visual Studio for Mac.” and I smiled :)! Why?!

I always use Xcode to edit Storyboards or Xibs files. This process requires two clicks: one to open the options pane and another one to select the Xcode option.

This obviously is not a big problem but is a repetitive process and can become annoying when it’s done multiple times in a single day and if one can optimize a repetitive task that’s always great.

Open With does exactly that! Lets you define what program is used to open a file extension letting you save a very small amount of time and makes the process seamless. Small things add up with the passage of time.

Adding it to Visual Studio for Mac can be done with this simple steps:

Defining Open With for a file is done this way:

You can learn more about the extension at Open With — Github Repo.

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