SHAPES — Metal Cable Holder | Elegant desk accessories

Metal pyramids and spheres are made to hold tangled cables, to organize your workspace and to make a special interior. 

We are a young company that specializes in design. Our philosophy is to create simple, uncluttered, but beautiful design solutions for various uses. We are pleased to introduce our latest product which, we believe, solves a very common problem that most of us deal with every day: SHAPES, a simple solution to lost and tangled wires.

SHAPES are aesthetically pleasing geometrical figures made of metal which are designed to hold cables, wires, chargers and also to serve as an perfect addition to your home decor. They help organize your work space and make your interior more unique and modern

SHAPES were designed with the best traditions of elegance and minimalism:

• Silver 
• Gold 
• Rose gold

Each figure has a passageway for cable 6,3 mm x 6,3 mm. This is an optimal size for all current cable types.

Sphere has a diameter of 33 mm and height of 27 mm. 
Pyramid with a side of 33 mm and height of 33 mm.

For better stability each figure have recesses filling with rubber bushings, which will protect the table surface from scratches and won’t let SHAPES fall down.

They are made of hard alloy of metal like brass via turning and milling production and further grinding and polishing.

We offer you figures covered by electroplating with a silver, gold and rose gold. It prevents corrosion and protects from aging and also gives amazing and nice appearance.

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CEO/Designer Vladislav Lukyanenko 
Co-founder Roman Buts