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📌#Election2016 #FakeNews Compilation

Something like Mr Robot meets House of Cards meets academic hackathon deep-data journalism. IDK. All open data and tools used. Left, Right, whatever — it’s important.

1. Intro/Background: Military Grade #Election2016 Data ⚒💎 Mining

2. Data Part I: 📩🔂 The #Election2016 Micro-Propaganda Machine

3. Data Part II: 🎯👍 #AdTech Shadow Tracking & Propaganda-lytics

4. Data Engame/Conclusion: Truth, Big Data, & Outrage Networks

5. The #Election2016 Macro-Propaganda Machine? 🔵Left-Wing MSM vs. one Twitter account

6. 🆕🇺🇸 Left + Right: The Combined Post-#Election2016 News “Ecosystem”

7. 📺 FakeTube: AI-Generated News on YouTube

8. Can Elections Be — Bot?

9. 📲 Who Hacked the Election? Ad Tech did. Through “Fake News,” Identify Resolution and Hyper-Personalization

10. 🎯 Cambridge Analytica: the Geotargeting and Emotional Data Mining Scripts

11. 📸 Instagram, Meme-Seeding, and the Truth about Facebook


a. Some AI-powered “Fake News” Search Suggestions. Scary!

b. Fake News: Certified Organic?

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