Ryerson’s Academic Support

In university, it is common for students to experience issues or confusion about certain courses and require guidance with respects to their academics. Toronto, Ontario’s Ryerson University provides a great academic support system for its students. With access to various support services, students have the opportunity to reach out for help and increase their academic success. This week I'm going to speak about my own personal experiences with Ryerson's Academic Support and how it helped me along my academic journey.

Signing Up

The online sign up system for academic support is made pretty simple. As you can see below, simply clicking on the “Learning Support Appointment” allows you to pick the kind of support you would like.

Upon selecting “Learning Support Appointment”, a new page will come up, as shown below. On this new page, click on the specific support section you are looking for.

Finally, you can book what kind of tutoring you want. In my case, I did a group session for Finance 300.


After arriving at the academic support session, all you have to do is sign in and take a seat. My advisor for Finance 300 was extremely knowledgable about the subject and was able to help me better understand the information taught in class. She was very helpful and confident in answering all of our questions. Below I have shared some of the notes that I took during the academic support session. They became extremely helpful for studying when the Finance 300 exam approached.


Although I am incredibly satisfied with the academic support opportunities that Ryerson provides. I would suggest that the advisor go a little slower so that students can have an easier time keeping up. Since the advisors already are familiar with the information, they may not realize if the speed at which they are teaching is too fast for the students.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I am happy that I went to this group session and would definitely recommend it to my peers. Not only did I learn a lot and refresh my memory about the class material, but it also boosted my confidence when independently studying the exam material. With this FREE learning session, students can’t go wrong and should definitely take advantage of the support services that Ryerson offers.