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Feb 8 · 6 min read

USA: Illinois is the Perfect Fake of the Regulatory State.

Upon the election of the new Democratic billionaire governor in 2018 , J.B. Pritzker that replaced another Republican billionaire Bruce Rauner , the Democratic Party has promised to reverse the race to the bottom in regulatory enforcement of laws. One year into the J.B. Pritzker’s term there is definitely a change in the regulatory landscape enforcement. For the worse.

Pritzker at the Center of Rauner Attack Ad

Pritzker at the Center of Rauner Attack Ad

CBS 2’s Derrick Blakley reports on the latest television (and mobile ad) by Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner attac…

5 Cases in point:

Case #1:

J.B. Pritzker appointee John Kim, Illinois Environmental Agency (IL EPA)

Ethylene Oxide EtO Emissions scandal in Lake County

While the Pritzker’s appointee of the department John J. Kim has managed to shut down the polluting plant in the Chicagoland suburb of Willowbrook due to increased cancer risk, the same did not happen in the Lake County near a low income town of Waukegan. Since the local population continues to be poisoned with three leukemia cases reported in young children locally, the situation is now in a legal limbo as one polluting plant operations are suspended while the other’s operations continue.

Score: the Illinois Govt vs the People

1: 1

The Ethylene Oxide (ETO) crisis in Illinois USA: State and Local Political Elites plus Corporate Power = Man-made environmental disaster — Redactie Radio Centraal

The Ethylene Oxide (ETO) crisis in Illinois USA: State and Local Politic…

Case #2:

J.B. Pritzker appointee Grace B. Hou: IL Dept of Human Services

Implementation of the new reporting program that might violate human rights of the low income recipients of the Medicaid (medical insurance for the poor) by being a defacto surveillance tool. The new system’s benchmarks and frequency of reporting is designed to take the people off the rolls regardless of the recipients financial situation by moving the goal posts of self-reporting making an administrative error a basis for de-listing .

the Illinois Govt vs the People

1 :0

Case #3

J.B. Pritzker appointee Deborah Hagan: IL Dept of Financial and Professional Regulation

The dept refused to provide any information about the pending merger between two local credit unions, the Consumers Credit Union and Andigo. It also would not make any statements about the proposed public comment section that would allow the public’s input to consider a customer service and professional conduct standards as one of the benchmarks of the merger approval process. In this way the department is not only going against transparency promised by the J.B. Pritzker during his electoral campaign but it effectively protects bad actors but shielding them from any public input.

the Illinois Govt vs thePeople

1: 0

Case #4

J.B. Pritzker appointee David Harris: IL Dept of Revenue

Scandalous handling of the new online tax starting Jan 1, 2020. It allowed Ebay Inc. to cheat the Illinois consumers but charging it tax on exempt items including items procured from abroad. In this way the department ignored violations of not only Illinois laws but US treaties and international laws as well by allowing Ebay Inc to effectively enact its own tariffs with the rates varying from 6.25% to 51%. When the issue was brought to the department’s attention what I was explained was absolutely astounding. In the classic Robin Hood in reverse, the Ebay Inc was allowed to take from the masses and give it to itself while the department explanation was as follows:” it is only a crime if the money collected was not forwarded to IL Dept of Revenue, at the later date”. Thus instead of the “cease and desist” order preventing the fraud, the department was happy to advise the public to ……..take it to the Ebay to get reimbursed.

eBay Charges Tax On Some Exempt Items In Illinois After New Law

eBay Charges Tax On Some Exempt Items In Illinois After New Law

Many people turn to eBay for discounts and deals, but you may want to check twice before placing an order.

the Illinois Govt vs the People


Case #5

J.B. Pritzker appointee Robert Muriel, IL Dept of Insurance

The department allows many insurance companies registered with it to sell international travel insurance products which are not certified to be used in the country of destination. This situation not only causes people who suffer loss to be often in violation of the local laws and regulations while fulfilling the requirements for the claim but are setting themselves for a denial of the claim right from the get go. The products sold and marketed to the Illinois public are , in words of the claim processor for the AXA insurance:: “ they (the plans) cannot confirm or conform to all conditions or standards that are required in every country or state and every situation existing outside of the US.” Furthermore the plans marketed and sold include countries with no effective governmental structure which is required to successfully complete the claim process such as Libya, South Sudan, Syria or Somalia. However the absolute intent to defraud was documented on 1.27.2020 when the plans to cover North Korea travel and licensed for sale in Illinois were offered to the public……….. a day after the country closed its borders to all foreigner traffic in the wake of the coronavirus in neighboring China.

The department refused to offer any explanation about its procedures and the reasons why it licenses this fraud while one employee in executive position lied to this reporter about the director’s Robert Muriel contact info. Subsequently the dept declined to grant an interview.

the Illinois Govt vs the People


Total Score:

the Illinois Govt vs the People

5: 1

In the Illinois state of the Union address given on 1/29/2020, the Governor Pritzker addressed the issue of corruption in the government as the major task for his administration. For starters the Governor would be well advised to start with the very people he himself appointed and how they run their own departments. In my personal experience of dealing with them they are not much more than the feudal fiefdoms of personal and business interests running amok. In my extensive contacts with the state I came across two types that are predominantly featured in the human resources landscape of the agencies I dealt with.

One is a careerist and opportunist type that is out to build his/her own brand and profile so they can move on to the lobbying career for big business interests or straight to the corporate world while helping to loot the state of the public resources and power it still has. The other type is sycophantic ,mediocre and conformity driven creature devoid of any professional and personal ethics. Both represent a parasite-like tendency to hollow the host organism to a mere shell of appearance of regulatory framework where in actuality there is none.

Furthermore the both types are prospering at the expense of the institutional mission and public trust while reinforcing the common perception of the state as corrupt and run by its own inertia/internal cost benefit analysis. At the end this situation translates into an utter contempt of the Illinois voters and taxpayers who are funding this extreme fake facade of regulation extravaganza at their own peril. According to the US Census bureau, in 2010–19 time frame the state has seen the worst population decline in the US with over 51,000 residents in 2019 alone. This is in large part thanks to our dysfunctional political set up that allowed the Illinois Democratic Party to completely gut the state in a 19th century-like patronage archipelago of petty fiefdoms bleeding the state dry. The complete sell out of its population to the corporate interests is the only logical next step to reinforce the status quo before it will all come crumbling down as the state is incapable of reform regardless of the swan song performance by J.B. Pritzker.

Derek Monroe


Special thanks to the IL Dept of Revenue for incredibly honest and insightful analysis of how the tax collection “business” works here in Illinois.

Office of Governor J.B. Pritzker did not respond to the interview request.

IL EPA did not respond to the interview request and questions submitted to it.

IL Dept of Human Services did not respond to repeated interview requests and offer to meet in the lobby of the building with the recording crew.

IL Dept of Financial and Professional Regulation didn’t respond to the request for the interview. (there is a pending complaint with the Office of Illinois Inspector General on how the media request has been handled)

IL Dept of Insurance declined the interview request.

AXA Insurance (USA) declined the request for an interview

Nationwide Insurance declined the request for an interview.

Crum and Forster Insurance offered a response of “no comment” even before the questions were asked about their own insurance products.

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