To build a direct channel of interactive communication, sales and after-sales customer service, build high loyalty and engagement among ophthalmologists.


The customer had a ready-made design, which required development of a branding and image-creating website. The difficulty was that the design was rather complex — with a lot of “heavy” animation, most of the solutions were not able to cope with such load. In addition, for a multinational site, it was important to consider the feature of displaying content for each language group.

What was done?

Together with a team of designers, we found ways to make the proposed design happen as well as animate it. A series of tests was conducted. Designs were not drawn by us, all we did was programming…


The customer often holds promotions with promotional codes, for the drawing of prizes they must be entered on the site after registration. Complex mechanics of the action, as a result, a substantial part of the information is lost. It was necessary to improve the process of collecting information, on the one hand, making it easier for the customer to enter, and on the other, ensuring the highest quality and reliable data collection and storage.


The target audience of the brand is culinary specialists. Amators and professionals for whom the availability of a kitchen machine is a necessity, not a whim. They constantly fine tune it, buying various nozzles. And they hunt for new recipes that one can cook only having such an assistant in the kitchen. They are united by their drive to develop and improve culinary excellence. …


We developed a mobile application for the Novoye Vremya (NV) news portal, but there were difficulties with the connection. Therefore, the customer asked us to analyze the site and make suggestions for improving its work.

What was done?

The team of designers with the NV editorial tested the portal and found a number of problems: due to the huge amount of data and high traffic, the portal did not manage to process the necessary number of requests. Also, the admin panel turned out to be uncomfortable: publishing content in the proper section requiered to do a lot of unnecessary actions. …


Due to the changes in the Concept of the Center, we had to reflect a new look upon the project on the updated website. The site was supposed to be an information source for the VDNG territory in order to gather a new audience of the location.


The VDNG website has become a navigator of urban leisure activities. Visually, all the necessary elements are reflected here: a user can easily navigate and choose the type of leisure, buy tickets, book a table in a restaurant, read the news of the complex or download an event calendar for the period of…

Focus on consumer and employee experience.

D2 LLC is an Ukrainian IT outsource company, specializing in enterprise clients digitalization. Our main domains are consumer & employee experience automatization, incl. omnichannel (direct to customer & employee) solutions.

Our clients:

  • Ukrainian Energy & Metal Corporations (Metinvest, DTEK, Interpipe, Naftogaz)
  • National Post (Ukrposhta)
  • NGO (United Nations)
  • International FMCG & Healthcare companies (PepsiCo, Unilever, Nestle, DeLonghi Group, JTI, Carlsberg, KUSUM, Polpharma)
  • Ukrainian FMCG & Healthcare, retail companies (Nemiroff, Chumak, WOG, Darnitsa, IDS Borjomi)
  • Media (Novoye Vremya).

We have over 70+ IT specialists, incl. back-end engineers and architects (ASP.net, Node.js, …


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