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I’ve always considered Lexer a family company.
(even though up until just recently, we’ve never actually had any true ~blood ~ family in the team).

If you’ve worked with me, you’d know I’m one of those people who form very tight bonds with those around me and really invest in their journey.

Sometimes it’s a curse, but it’s always worth the effort.
(Plus I don’t know any other way).

At Lexer, the role of Office Manager has been a notoriously tricky role to place. …

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This week we launched a new set of company values.
Definitely not a task we undertook lightly — we last updated our values over 4 years ago!

Reflecting on the business, it’s surprising how constant our brand personality and quirks have remained; even though the market, our products and services have dramatically changed.

For us, this was an opportunity to review the qualities that we choose to prioritise in the business. …

A beautiful little thing happened this week at Lexer.

A colleague’s Mum made the simplest mistake — a typo resulted in an all-staff email of a primary school picture containing a very young Chief Revenue Officer.

Lots of laughs and “awwws” aside; it was the start of a rather fun afternoon of the team digging up and posting their childhood photos to Slack.

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We now have a channel filled with “#little-lexis.”

It was one of those moments where you realise the right kind of people surround you.

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As the gay, male founder of a tech-startup — I reflect on the constant endeavour for diversity and equality. …


Aaron Wallis

Founder of @camplexer. An out & proud Geek in love with food, colour, progress and @coreytsd.

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