Enable Windows File Explorer sort order in ImageGlass 7

Phap Duong
Aug 23, 2019 · 2 min read

A frequently requested feature for ImageGlass has been the ability to “follow the sort order of the Explorer window”. This is a feature folks are familiar with in Windows Photos. The ImageGlass team is happy to announce the ImageGlass 7.0 release has made progress with this feature request!

Windows File Explorer

How it works

The Settings dialog has been enhanced with new capabilities under Image loading order group:

Follow Windows File Explorer sort order in ImageGlass

In addition to the original loading order options, you can now sort in ascending or descending order, or allow the Windows File Explorer order to take precedence. To enable it, you can select the “User Windows File Explorer sort order if possible” checkbox in Settings > Image tab.

Being able to sort in descending order allows you to view images from oldest to newest, or smallest to largest, which you could not do in ImageGlass 6.

The Windows File Explorer order takes effect when you double-click an image to view in ImageGlass, or when you drag-and-drop an image into ImageGlass.

💡 Tip
If the order of the folder changed, you can update the image list by pressing Ctrl+Shift+R, or open Main menu > File > Reload image list.


In ImageGlass 7, support for Explorer order is limited, as it is a translation of Explorer sorting to the existing ImageGlass sorting. This primarily means that sorting in Windows Explorer by metadata columns will have no effect in ImageGlass. Most available columns in Explorer are metadata columns, except the default Name, Type, Size and Date modified/created/accessed columns.

Moreover, the folder of the viewing images should remain to be opened. You can minimize it as long as you do not close or change other directory when ImageGlass first loads the image list.

This article is contributed by Kevin Routley — ImageGlass’ collaborator.

In the next story, I will tell you all the unbelievable ways to work with files in ImageGlass!

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Author of ImageGlass and Frontend developer of Chainstack. I love JavaScript and C#; recently exploring blockchain world.

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