Use ImageGlass in designing

Let’s go through some features of ImageGlass that speed up your daily design work.

Set up mouse wheel actions

By default, scrolling mouse wheel does zooming in/out the viewing image in ImageGlass. Other editing applications (e.g. Photoshop, Illustrator,…) have awesome combinations of mouse wheel and keyboard that helps people to scroll the image horizontally/vertically.

Since version 5.0, ImageGlass has supported this feature and made it easily configurable in Settings dialog. There totally are 4 combinations, and 5 options for each of them.

Change mouse wheel actions settings in ImageGlass 6.0

Color picker tool

This is an useful tool for designer as well as UI developer. From a mockup image file, you can quickly get the color code of image pixels in variety of formats. To enable it, you can open Main menu > Tools > Color picker, or press Ctrl+Shift+K.

Enable Color picker tool in ImageGlass.

A small window will appear to display picked color in 4 formats: RGB, HEX, CMYK and HSL. If you want to pick alpha channel of the color, you can tick the respective checkboxes in Settings dialog > Color picker. ImageGlass also supports pick color from animating GIF file as well.

💡 Tip! 
You can pause GIF animation by Ctrl+Space for more accurate.
Pick a color with alpha channel in ImageGlass.

Keep window always on top

This small feature is helpful when you want to see the real-time preview of the editing image. You don’t need to split the desktop into 2 parts left-right, or keep on switching between application windows.

Display ImageGlass as preview window

To enable it, go to Main menu > Layout > Keep window always on top.

💡 Tip! 
You can also hide the toolbar by unchecking Main menu > Layout > Toolbar, or pressing Ctrl+F1.


Besides being a simple image viewer for common users, ImageGlass has been receiving more attentions from designers/professional people. Those above tips are just some of outstanding features that I think it’s really helpful in designing. I will share more tips in the next posts and hope you enjoy it!

Have a nice day!