Experiment viewing multi-page TIF format!

Phap Duong
Oct 29, 2019 · 3 min read

Yay! I have been working on supporting multi-page image formats in the past few months, including TIFF, GIF, ICO, WEBP,… and finally there were some results!

If you are following this topic, you may see my updates recently. For those who are not, this article talks about the development version of ImageGlass (called ImageGlass Moon), so if you are using stable version v7.0.7.26, you cannot experiment it.

By the way, I have got my Github Sponsor profile:

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You can become a sponsor with only $1/month. It will be a great encouragement to me that I can spend more time in developing ImageGlass (and other open source projects).

Page navigation tool

The idea was to provide user to navigate the pages of the viewing image file through buttons and shortcuts. The buttons are handy if the user is using mouse or touch screen while the shortcuts are helpful for keyboard users.

In the latest version of ImageGlass Moon, you can see a new tool called Page navigation tool in Tools menu. The UI is pretty simple with 4 buttons (from left to right):

  • View the first page (Ctrl+Home)
  • View the previous page (Ctrl+Left arrow)
  • View the next page (Ctrl+Right arrow)
  • View the last page (Ctrl+End)
Page navigation tool

I guess it’s quite easy to understand what the buttons do when you see their names. It’s similar to image file navigation, I try to provide the functions that help people quickly view image pages. You can combine Ctrl key with the current navigation keys: Left arrow, Right arrow, Home, End as its shortcuts.

This tool window behavior is same as Color picker, it means you can toggle, move it, it will follow the main window position. ImageGlass also remember your last choice: if you don’t close this tool window before exiting the app, ImageGlass will open it again in the next time.

Pages extraction

I did not create a new function but extended the Extract image frames menu of GIF format to support other multi-page formats. Moreover, this feature was upgraded and used Magick.NET library to extract all the pages gracefully.

You can access it via Main menu > Image > Extract image pages or context menu.

View single GIF frame

GIF is also a multi-page image format, with this implementation, you can view a frame separately.

Open a GIF file, and use navigation functions to manually move to next / previous frame. To resume the animation, you can click on the Start / Stop animating image context menu.

As this feature is still in ImageGlass Moon, I would like to hear your feedback. If you want to see the development progress, you can follow it at https://github.com/d2phap/ImageGlass/issues/238.

Thanks for reading!

Phap Duong

Written by

Author of ImageGlass and Frontend developer of Chainstack. I love JavaScript and C#; recently exploring blockchain world.

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