Working With D3.js

dots for days

I’m currently working with to get to grips with the library. Above is a hardcoded svg design but it shows the potential this library has, even though its a data visualisation library. Considering the nature of the library means that the representations of the mutating algorithm will be numeric underlying as a result.

Delving around the source code, the modular design of this library tends itself to creating a lightweight webpage. There are also extensions to this library that would need more research if this is my future choice.

My current working idea is to create an SVG of ~1000 random x and y coordinates and draw a line between 1 point and the nearest points given a specific radius to produce an abstract tessellated effect. examples of food for thought

This seems like an incredibly powerful library, getting to grips with the data visualisation coupling and bringing that into the scope of the project seems like an arduous task, but one that will produce a versatile output.

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