Week 7 Day 3 — Oct 18th

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Running@BlackCreek Trail

4. Thought of the Day

Yesterday I picked Henna art as an relaxation activity, this activity did keep very engaged and i did not got to any of my electronic gadgets per se.. this is an interesting activity but not so much of relaxation activity.

Today — I went for a run this is one of my goto de-stress activity. I always enjoyed running with my headset on since I am doing this part of Challenge#13 — I ran without any music, running still works for me as a relaxation activity. Its always been my favorite. We are almost middle of the week so I am going to start reusing/experimenting on my go to (tried and tested) relaxation activities.

BONUS — Challenge second night update:

Yesterday was second night I stayed away from all electronic gadgets for an hour — Like i mentioned is used that one hour on henna art and some home chore. Thank god this challenge is only for 2 nights and I did it, but did not like it. Atleast I tried:)