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The 6 step in Silicon Valley Mindset

What makes Silicon Valley unique? What really inspire all these entrepreneur to shape the world? Why there are so many innovative and cool companies here? During the past two months in San Francisco I heard and read those questions plenty of times, and most of the times, the different reason where landing to an undetermined space in the Narnia world. Which is true, this place is unique in the world but this is a really too short answer for a curious mind. Thus, I started searching for a simple, minimal, comprehensive and well designed answer.


The very first lesson that I learnt in San Francisco, is to Believe that is possible. I’m talking about the average talk that we can do with our colleagues, trusting and sharing ideas and maybe tomorrow you start. I’m talking about the true hard feeling of sticking the feet and says “I can change this”. Only coming here, listening and walking on the footsteps of the giants, I saw that there wasn’t too much difference, there was any magic or lucky shot, well sometimes there might be, but as Paul Grahm said, you must be prepared. But How to, How can I actually start?

Trust and Share

It seems to me just a call. I heard something like “ Hey It’s your brain speaking, I wanna do this”. At that points so many ideas start coming up and I remember that I passed from euphoria, to sad, to excited to fool for the next five nights and five days. Tons of questions started raising in my mind. At a certain point I had to throw out all these question and really ask for help. So I started, probably for the very first time in my life, in Trusting, Sharing and Feeling the environment around.

Challenge and Learn

Once you try, you’ll never come back. I’m not saying that is easy or fun, the opposite, It’s hard and It takes time, practice and a good degree of madness. I was trying to explain this crazy things to my mom and she laugh at me and said to be serious and think on get stable. You know what, I hate being stable, or being safe, I’m too young to be seriously consider to defer my risk taking instinct, I Challenge that. In this particular moment, when you start questioning and challenging the status quo, I finally Learn. Learn from customers, from peers and from suits and so on.


Notice, that I didn’t say from books. Is not that I don’t believe that are helpful or inspirational, Steve Jobs biography inspired me like anything before. From that I understood that what really makes the difference, at least to me, Is to Invent, by doing, One More thing. But still, how to make it happen? What to do, like daily, where do I start? Well after few weeks of pure “procrastination” through sort of fear, euphoria, question marks, I realized that to build something I needs the Tools. I would say a kind of a place where to work peacefully and someone, excluding your “imaginary friend”, that is that crazy to believe in yourself and your vision, to commit It’s time to your project. Once you have that, your Journey as a Pirate might begin, remember to unlock the door of your garage, to make a contribution everyday, but most important to Invent the world.

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