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There is no doubt that we are proactively pushing and sponsoring Silicon Valley culture, because we see it works, or at least it seems to work. The main point that I realized being there and seeing with my eyes, the people that makes that incredible ecosystem working is that…

Yes they are humans

There should be a famous Facebook page called “Humans of New York”, with the fascinating aim to remember that, even if we have a certain vision about New Yorkers, there is a deep side made by deep people that do not belong to the business guys stereotype. Is the same in Silicon Valley, well actually is even better. I saw this, going around some tech companies but more important talking with Entrepreneurs that shaped or are trying to move the GDP, failing fast as everybody does. So the most remarkable thing is that they are humans, but…

Yes, they are smart

I believe that American English language sometimes is very clear and straightforward, in particular with specific useful vocabulary, like Smart for example. Smart means many things, but more important is a shortcut for saving time, gives valuable, international, high-level, and inspirational label to someone, and of course that saves questions. At the same time, a bad side of the “Smart” coin is that is too narrow, and when is used in a reflexive way, it may becomes a good and comfort chair to sit and rest on your “Smart” Label. But that’s why…

Yes, they are hard working

This should never happen, and the fastest point on the earth knew it. So Instead of relying on being “Smart” they mainly rely on becoming, proving and testing your smartness in the real world, with the true market, getting out of the building. Anybody is saying that is easy, well actually the opposite. Malcolm Gladwell tried to account for 10.000 hours of practice to master smartness through hard working, which actually are around 417 days, which is more than a year, if you don’t eat, sleep or have sex. But at the end of the day, the most important thing to know is that everybody can do it or at least should try it.

Yes, you can do it

And here we are. Get out of the building simply means get out of your comfort zone, test, try, learn, share and question, but most important be yourself, because at the end of the day is what it matters for everyone in the ecosystem, but mainly is what matters for you. Because only recognizing your limits, and pushing them in the empiricist way, you may find a workable way to turn crazy ideas into projects and maybe into temporary organization that search for a scalable and repeatable business model.

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Interested in understanding and reproducing the computational aspect of human behavior.

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