Docker for Developers — 1

Oh my my! Another post related to Docker? Well yes! but hey I am not sorry for this. This post, and the followings, are centric to developers and how a modern day developer can benefit from Docker.

TL;DR; If you are new to Docker and not sure why should you use Docker then I would suggest to read some other blogposts such as Why Docker? or Docker: Modern Developer.

When I tried Docker a year or two ago, it used to work only on Linux. So developers, who had Mac, had to install VirtualBox & Vagrant to get it up and running.

Things have changed since then. Docker now natively supports Mac & Windows along with Linux. This means, it’s now as easy as installing any other application.

To get started simply download Docker for Mac. Once downloaded, follow the instructions and you are up and ready. For more details, head to Getting Started with Docker for Mac.

That’s all for now. In next post, we shall embrace power of Dockerfile and most importantly docker-compose.yml.

Please download Kitematic which is a very nifty tool & I loved it from its early days.