Let’s go all the way with reforming Labour conference.

The Independent on Sunday reports that Labour is going to move the Leader’s speech to the last day of our annual conference because that will get it fairer (i.e. a lot less) coverage in the evil Murdochite-ZioBeeb-Dacreist media.

It’s a strategy, I guess. But why are we stopping there? As conference has become an increasingly abstract concept for most members, including MPs, for a few years now, we may as well go all the way with obscuring it from public view while making it a whole let loss of a nause for everyone.

1. Hold it in London. If they can’t get a few nights in a five star hotel out of it, what journo worth their salt is going to bother going at all? Plus now that most of our Party’s new ranks are rich, house-owning Londoners, they can put the rest of the membership up for the duration in their spare rooms. They might even get a Comment is Free article out of it. ‘What Sharing My House With A Northerner For A Week Taught Me About The Conciliatory Power Of Organic Celeriac’.

2. Hold it at a weekend. No need for four or five days of ill-attended fringe meetings and preaching-to-the-converted rallies. Saturday, Sunday. A few policy votes. Shadow Cabinet speeches. Boom. And if we pick the right weekend, we can ensure an even greater lack of coverage. Same days as the Champions League final, Grand National or the Oscars would work. If the home nations progress in Euro 2016, the options really open up. Fingers crossed some celeb kicks the bucket too just as Corbs is standing up to speak.

It’s either all that or come up with a programme and speeches that in some devious way address the concerns of the electorate and appeal to the nation, combined with a half-decent strategy for getting it all some half-decent coverage. But then we stopped doing things by halves back in September, didn’t we?

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