I must admit, the overall open source community boast some of the most helpful and friendly bunch of people I have met. Even when there’s a bit of rivalry, there’s always a strong mutual respect for each other.

However, I can’t turn a blind eye on the minority of rotten characters floating around, polluting what is otherwise pristine waters.

What’s the Problem?

The problem is the lack of respect for each other.

This stems from both consumers of Open Source projects, as well as owners / contributors.

Disrespect from Consumers

meteor-simple-schema is a hugely useful package for validating objects in Meteor, similar to mongoose for MongoDB

Update 10th June, 2015 — The Chrome team is bringing back the previous version of Bookmarks Manager (See https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/6243083) If you would like to continue using the new bookmarks manage, you can install the Bookmark Manager extension at https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/bookmark-manager/gmlllbghnfkpflemihljekbapjopfjik

I am not a big fan of Google’s material design in terms of aesthetics and personal tastes, but I do appreciate its cleanliness and ease-of-use. However, yesterday, Google decided to apply this new design principle to my beloved Bookmarks. Needless to say, I did not like it.

For those who feels the same as me, rest well tonight because you can…

If you’re a programmer that has not lived under a rock, you’d have noticed the rise of Javascript everywhere. What was once mocked and ridiculed as a ‘language’ only useful for the front-end, is now ubiquitous everywhere. And with its resurgence, came an plethora of JavaScript frameworks.

When I hear of a new framework, the first thing I do is check out their website and GitHub page, but what I often find is that there are a lot of ‘marketing’ terms, but nothing that tells me what that framework actually does.

Many babble on about how it’s API is “easy…

Daniel Li

Fullstack JavaScript Developer in London / Hong Kong — http://danyll.com

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