How to order a custom deck of nano cards

Json (Joohansson)
Jul 31, 2019 · 3 min read

A guide for designing high-quality nano cards from

  1. Go to and choose a “Pro” Theme. The cards are compensated to fit the printing service.
  2. Download all 7 sheets plus the backside

3. Download this Windows or Linux script for converting the cards (right-click the link and “save link as” to download directly). If you save from the browser, make sure the file extension is .bat for windows. If not printing from you may want to skip the safe zone by using the other scripts called no-safe-zone.

4. Install Imagemagic for your OS. It’s needed for the script to work.
With Ubuntu: “sudo apt install imagemagick”

5. Copy the script to the folder where you downloaded the images.
a. Windows: Run the bat file
b. Linux/Mac: Make the script executable (chmod +x and run it (./

6. It will cut out all 55 cards including the back side card.
WARNING: You may not want to send the Nano seed QR to a third party as they could potentially take all nano you are playing with. As a safe option, a “card_1_01_safe.png” is also created as an alternative to the PAYOUT card. It’s suggestion you send this instead and print and glue the original QR on the real card later.

7. Go to this card printing service to order a Bridge sized custom deck

8. Default options are fine but more luxury is possible for example better finish or a custom tuck box that will be used in this guide.

Recommended options

9. Make sure you have 55 cards and select “Different images” as front design

10. Upload all 55 pictures at once. Either use your “card_1_01.png” or “card_1_01_safe.png”. The “card_back” is not needed now. Then press “help me autofill images”.

Upload all cards
Press autofill to place all 55 cards

11. Skip the text option and do the same for back side but “same image” and upload the “card_back.png”.

Skip additional text step
Select single image
Upload the back side
Skip extra text one more time

12. If you selected a custom tuck box: Choose “advanced mode” and upload this nano cards tuck box template.

Custom tuck box
Tuckbox Template

13. Finalize the order and pay.


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