Probably you do not understand.
Gergely Kölcsey-Gyurkó

it’s well known that our educational institutions, the industrialists and the corporations are eagerly supporting any indoctrination process which could prolong this helpless, dependent, safety-seeking, risk-averse mentality as long as possible. it’s much easier to keep the workers under control if their minds are already limited with various trainings methods. your owners don’t want you to think as an adult, the last think they want that you think for yourself — they actually want you to feel safe only when you have been taken care of, when you are staying in line — most likely next to their assembly line, even as an adult.

i’m not blaming these parents though. similarly to religious indoctrination, they are also part of the system, probably since generations, without even questioning it or being aware of it. they are just passing down what was feed into them decades ago.

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