The mystery of work-life balance
Julie Zhuo

there is no such thing as work-life “balance”. it’s more of a work-life “unbalance”. if you are devoted to work, you won’t have a life. you just won’t. the now standardized “40 hours” workweek is actually at least 50 if you add the commuting times, preparation, but easily goes to 60 with “homework” and related tasks just to show up at work every day. you’ll spend your weekend to do your laundry and you will use your apartment only to sleep in and get ready for work at next day. you won’t have a life. you will buy stuff on amazon an order it to your office because you are never at home to enjoy the stuff you buy or even to pick up the order.

this is not a life. you can save a few more hours here or there, but it’s still not a life. accept it. embrace it. free yourself from the lies, and admit that you are a slave, born into slavery, because employment is slavery. there is a reason why it’s called “free time” when an employee-slave is not assigned to work.

there is only life and work. the two doesn’t computes together. and that’s fine. and if you are a strong person who is above to deceit herself then you don’t need to lie and cover yourself with comforting illusions.

you can also have a life. a life without employment, but that’s a must riskier path, a path you have to walk and build by yourself. most people who have been trained and indoctrinated in mass education centers won’t have the courage or motivation to walk that path. but if you want a full life and balance, it starts with taking back full control over your calendar. when no person, organization or entity has the power to unilaterally add entries to your own calendar, you are free. you achieved the balance. you have a life, while you can work as much as you want, whenever, wherever you want to.

until then, keep running in the running wheel and stop lying to yourself.

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