If a woman was rejected by a dude, her first thought would be “I’m not hot enough” but when a man is rejected by a woman, often his first thought seems to be “bitch should have taken it.”
Why Do Women Wear Sexy Clothes If They Don’t Want Attention?
Emma Lindsay

this is totally one-sided. everyone feels bad when they got rejected, but men expected to just be okay with it all the time, so they won’t even start complaining about it. they might look tough, but it’s just very basic social conditioning. they expected to act like that. even if men feels inadequate after a rejection, they don’t have the luxury to think “i’m not enough”, for self pity, or they will die alone — they have to stand up and keep trying because most men is not approached by women who are buying them drinks at the bar just by being existing there. sure there might be egoistic or macho kind of people, but as you might know often times it’s just a cheap facade over deep insecurity.

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