The Case For Hillary
Zachary Leven

Hey Myramar…want some candy?

Dear Mr. Leven,

I suggest you add to your armada of facts that while Ms Clinton was Secretary of State, the State Department served as a worldwide pimp for the fracking industry. This, while the domestic political debate on fracking was front page news, like some dog and pony show to distract from what was really going on. Using taxpayer dollars, the US State Dept. under Obama and Clinton offered to enable any country that had shale gas (including some of the most distasteful regimes on Earth) the technology to frack, provided they could control and squash any resistance, civil or political. Banks like the Import Export Bank cut billions of dollars in checks to Exxon, Haliburton, and other fossil fuel giants, to finance this environmentally irresponsible technology. Many of the web sites have been taken down but some remain. You can research this by looking up UGTEP (Unconventional Gas Technical Engagement Program) or its former incarnation, GSGI (Global Shale Gas Initiative). At that point I would hope you reconsider your support for candidates that represent big oil, big banks and other big moneyed interests.

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