Welcome to The Digital Mental Health Project!

My name is Craig A. DeLarge

I am a digital health strategist, and also a mental health advocate.

In 2014, I started the Digital Mental Health Project to map the market spaces where digital technologies are being used to address the preservation and recovery of mental health. As I have done this research, my original mapping intention has evolved to a desire to understand how the many digital mental health solutions which have been developed can be made more accessible to, and adopted by, populations who are not yet benefiting from them.

I will be using this wall to talk about the findings and insights from my research. I welcome the input and critique of others who are interested in this topic whether treators, consumers, sufferers, caregivers, technologists, designers, makers or investors.

Like in so in many other sectors, maximizing appropriate and responsible access and adoption will require the leadership, collaboration, influence and accountability of we all.

Here is a link to this project’s background and tangibles over the last few years.




Spread the word.


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