Bustin’ Makes Boys Feel Sad — Why Ghostbusters is So Hated
Ashley Lynch

I know you guys are working hard to shift the narrative from a legitimate gripe to misogyny, as was so successfully done with Gamergate (which was about media corruption).

Unfortunately, the movie continues to look bad (which is one of the main complaints) and continues to be an unnecessary reboot (which is the other main complaint).

I know very few people who are excited about this film. Most are either uninterested or will “give it a shot”. Had this been a continuation of the original film series (with or without all-female leads), there would be more interest and a *lot* less hostility.

In fact, the only people who I see who are excited for this film are people who go on and on about sexism and feminism and the like. They only seem to be interested (and passionate) *because* of the all-female leads.

Sounds sexist to me.

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