what my first (technically 2nd) nanowrimo has taught me so far

  • i’m hopeless without spellcheck and word’s grammar check
  • evernote’s indents are somehow different than word and google doc’s indents
  • playing a great song while using themostdangerouswritingapp.com means that i might be in serious danger of just writing out the lyrics so my writing won’t get erased.
  • most of my friends will say nah-no-REE-moh. give up on correcting them.
  • people of any age can get senioritis. it’s a non-discriminatory disease.
  • writing chemistry between the wrong characters is a-okay, just don’t make them sleep together and completely derail your plot.
  • if you rename your characters, you will call them by the wrong name at least ten times before you ctrl-f and realize how horrible you are.
  • having more words than someone else is nothing to be proud of because i wasted an entire week not getting through the plot at all.
  • setting the characters in a year that is a multiple of four and also in the united states is useful because you can funnel your election anger into similar situations for your characters
  • don’t make your characters sleep with everyone else because you’ll confuse their sex scenes.
  • making a playlist for your story is great until you realize that you’ve been getting into the wrong mood because the playlist is for the angsty 2nd half but you’re still in the happy 1st half.
  • writing this post has taken out a tiny chunk of my nanowrimo time and i deeply regret it.
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