The World of Netiquette

The internet itself is a place of public access and public usage. It is where anybody from anywhere can post opinions and such whether good or bad in the public view. That aspect of posting something good or bad is essential into providing freedom for a person yet one has to remember that it is public and that many others from across the globe can see exactly what has been written. People from the top of the world to the bottom of the societal spectrum can view these comments, these posts, and opinions and agree or disagree or agree to disagree. However this is also where a problem can arise, since the online world and the real physical world start to merge into one world. This is also where simple courteous rules apply.

The Golden Rule of thumb in essentially life is this: Do unto others what you would have done unto yourself. This applies in all areas of life and should most definitely be applied to internet rules as well.

I regard this as the essential basics and the essential rule to netiquette. In all its true form to understand netiquette is to just realize the golden rule of life. The question to ask is “What is netiquette?” and that question is simple, it’s the etiquette to the internet. It’s a set of virtuous unofficial rules that makes sure that everyone on the internet can enjoy their time on it.

Going back to the golden rule one can wonder as well as ask this question, “How can there be universally regarded rules to the internet?” The internet is essentially like the old timey Hollywood version of the American Wild West where anything goes. With that, there are an abundance of good guys as well as bad guys who clash back and forth, there are fights that start out of nowhere with a very grim ending. No rules applied in the Wild West and no rules apply on the internet. However, turning a blind on the “Hollywoodized” version and looking into the real version of the Wild West one can see that it wasn’t all that Hollywood portrayed it as. That is in essence what the internet really is, for all the bad things that happen and claim to happen there are multiple amounts of good things that arise. It is because society itself is not all bad as one can assume it is.

A bad practice of netiquette is online bullying or personal abuse, it is not tolerated in the physical world yet it can and cannot be tolerated in the online world. Essentially, to think about what constitutes good netiquette is to think in a professional level how you would react as well as act on such things. If you don’t like when someone writes “drunkenly,” meaning not caring for punctuation or grammatical issues then that is netiquette. If you don’t like when someone just bullies you or insults you in your posts then that is netiquette. To practice netiquette goes back to the golden rule, if you wouldn’t do it to someone like family or friends then don’t do it to a stranger no matter how anonymous you think you may be.

Yet, at the end of the day, netiquette is viewed on a personal level as we are all different human beings with different emotions and different moral values. Some may say this constitutes netiquette while this does not and that’s fair. We are all, or should be, given a right to the freedom of speech. If that freedom is bastardized then we lose what makes us a human which is why there are no set rules and guidelines to netiquette. But I must say that proper netiquette is always appreciated.

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