So you admit that she put a 12 year old rape victim through hell but say she was ‘legally…
Robert Fisher

Hillary’s affidavit sounds extremely unprofessional. “I have been informed”? This sounds like gossip. Did she have any professional sources? Was the girl seeing a counselor? Hillary’s affidavit claims she the girl has lied in the past about people attacking her body. Children rarely lie about sexual abuse. If the girl was mentally unstable this may have been a result of past sexual abuse at the hands of others and maybe she was strong armed into recanting her claims. Unusual stubbornness and temper tantrums when she does not get her way? Exactly how is a 12 year old supposed to act after being raped? If this happened in current times the public and media would be tearing Hillary to pieces for such unprofessionalism. These were back in the days when the rape victim was blamed and they dragged the rape victim thru the mud. What is disturbing is to see someone doing this against a 12 year old. Hillary got the guy off with time served (2 months in jail) because the lab screwed up and threw away the evidence. She did not have to drag a 12 year old rape victim thru the mud in the process. Disgusting and immoral!!! End of story. She exceed her obligation to her client and added extreme emotional distress to a 12 year old.

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