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Introducing Discover Blockchain: A network for Education, Recruitment, Research and Development

May 14, 2018 · 3 min read

There is no question that the initial hype around blockchain — a database that’s validated by a wider community rather than a central authority — has evolved. It is gaining momentum and blockchain development is now the hottest skill in the freelance job market, growing more than 6,000% since this time last year according to Upwork. While many are already hard at work building new protocols, some have recognised that the ‘self-disruptive’ aspect of the Blockchain demands attention. It is a new and evolving technology, therefore the level of expertise cannot be easily accredited.In order to eliminate this vagueness, there is a need for an accreditation system to create bundle of expertise and intellectual knowledge regarding to both internal and external resources.There exists a necessity for infrastructure that will help the building process become more reliable, efficient and secure. Like scaffolding for this future skyscraper, there is a fundamental need for the universally convenient legacy systems of education, talent sourcing, and payment

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The Ultimate Network for Education and Recruitment

DiscoverBlockchain aims to create a sufficiently flexible ecosystem that will serve both the theoretic expansion of blockchain knowledge and the applied development of Blockchain initiatives

First, we adopt the best conventions of modern collaboration portals:

  • For academics, both learners and contributors to the distributed ledger mindspace, DiscoverBlockchain provides a platform for publication, peer-review, education and experimentation.
  • For entrepreneurs and contractors looking to contract a service or build a team, DiscoverBlockchain’s job board employs the new standards of security and global payment enabled by cryptocurrency.

Then, beyond the conventional functions of the platform, we apply the transparent and objective DiscoverSCORE validation algorithm: DiscoverBlockchain’s chief differentiating value and unique application of Blockchain technology

The Integrating Principle: Validation by Involvement

DiscoverSCORE (DSCORE) is a new and intuitive methodology to validate people and ideas. DiscoverBlockchain derives for every user a DSCORE: a validated, at-a-glance summation of their involvement with distributed ledger technology.

  • DSCORE is a weighted aggregate of a user’s history as a student, teacher, entrepreneur, and contractor — integrating their studies, intellectual contributions, projects initiated, and jobs undertaken into a single value representing their relative involvement in the ecosystem of Blockchain.
  • Rather than being a linear value associated with an individual’s quantity of work done or quality of feedback received, the aggregate derives involvement contextually — consistently reorienting itself based on the changing valuation of the content studied or contributed, and the changing involvement of other individuals previously interacted with.

DSCore is expected to be a portfolio for developers and a transparent and fair evaluation pertaining to their background. Since the professionals are listed in a particular platform, the competitive advantage will mostly fall on the professional skills of developers.

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Given these advantages, DSCore comes at sight to overcome the uncertainty assessment criteria in the immature blockchain ecosystem by integration of theory and practice in a blockchain specified network. This simplification gives a clear path for learners who do not know where to start and a trustful education system for parents of young coders. Also, this personalised learning system enables its users to learn at their own pace and practice the theory within the network.


We believe in a complete, flexible experience for everyone, even an experienced professional can be learning an additional skill from a younger developer. We created a transparent and fair network, including a marketplace and education platform, that will change the dynamics in the blockchain industry. We are so excited to introduce this groundbreaking system, DiscoverBlockchain.

Find us at

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