Technology:Children are affected majorly!

Looking at every single kid, I see that not everyone is glued onto their cell phones. But the majority is and because it’s sort of like a trend. When I was a kid (12 and below) I too wanted a phone just as much as everyone wanted one. But they weren’t as much advanced as they are now, so if you got one, you were looked at as a cool kid and in some way, it felt like you grew up so much. But in reality, and according to statistics, your brain wasn’t as strong. Today’s technology is way much more advanced, as I have an iPhone 7 plus and everyone knows what that kind of phone can do. But with better technology and more apps rather than just texting and playing games, the want for a phone or even just a device that has a screen with built in apps and so much more as grown so much more. The want for a phone will only continue to grow with new technology and new apps, and it’ll become more of a trend from fellow classmates of showing off their phone to other elementary kids. I feel like the only reason kids now want a phone is the same reason as the majority, to feel like they are wanted or a part of something. Then they fall into this tunnel of snapchat n other social media cites and then can never take their eyes and mind off the idea of snapchatting others and feeling they are someone.

For children, it’s kind of an addiction for the young and making them bad connectors. It is important to reflect on how our human communications are being altered by our technological connections. Common sense media used the example of Tony Schwartz. This smart adult and successful businessman caught himself going into the habit of looking at his phone constantly. But even as bad as technology is for kids, it could be beneficial for some many kids. They could use it for educational apps or to communicate with friends from class about a homework assignment. For parents, it could be a sense of relief and this is the vast majority of why some get their kids a phone. It is for the safety of their kids. There is so many locating apps and even on the iPhone itself. But even with the bad that technology comes with, we tend to look at the positives and that’s why it will stick with us for many more years to come.

  • The composition of this photo draws the attention to the kid’s heads. It has some sort of direction because their heads draw your focus down to the phones which explains why they are all face down with no interaction.