Isabella Gregor, woman who got me inspired

Many guests from all over the world came today to the naming ceremony of Dr.Carl Djerassy Theater Hall at my university, AUBG. One of them was Isabella Gregor, Austrian theater director who spent two years working with Djerassi.

My friend and me were sitting on the sofas, and she came to us with a glass of white wine, smiling. We did not know who she was.

Would you like to join us?

Of course, she would. We had a fruitful conversations about her background, Djerassi, our student life, and politics. She told us her profession and country, that is all. But we both soon realized that this woman must be famous. She is great.

I do not know why, but I wanted to talk to her a lot. Just about random things, anything, because she her answers were always smart and meaningful. There are not many people today whose answers are meaningful. This was not a talk between students and a director; this was a conversation between humans.

As simple as she came, she had to leave for a dinner with all other guests. Other students were looking at my friend and me with their eyes asking, “Whom were you talking to?” However, even we didn’t know the answer.

As soon as I came to the library after the event, I typed in Google: “Austrian theater director and Djerassi.” Photos appeared immediately. Isabella Gregor, it was a great pleasure to meet you today.