She Loved Human

It’s been a year…
She was here and She was gone.

Her clicking heels on home’s floor, her little wrists, her teethy laugh, her unwinding hair, her prowess, her patience - it’s all sort of a mystery now. A known mystery, like a high that I know I’ll never catch again. This one can’t deteriate though. This high helps me low, it takes me to level and leads me to love; I’m centered by this high.

And this is what she loved. She loved Human. 
She took on Human - the intimacy that quivers, the questions that linger, the dirt that smears. She noted it beautiful. The smear, that linger, this quiver…she went and nestled it, she held its face. She was human and she loved you in it. Your human was enough for her.

She recognized this and she handed it to me…to you and I. Our gift of Human. This is what I have from her. I know your sacred - all of your sacred is considered. The hair that falls from your head, the word that leaps from your mouth, the dream that swims in your sphere, the pain that falls like stone…You are sacred. You are love.

And here we are…