Brief Commentary re. Hershbein’s “A college degree is worth less if you are raised poor”

As Hershbein notes, more variables need to be examined. The quality of the institutions the poor [as defined in the article] attend need to be assessed and taken into account.

Many colleges offer low quality programming; thereby exploiting the poor who want to work to gain access to opportunities. While others have to require students in this demographic take 1+ years of remedial programming to fill in gaps in their education. CUNY for example has strong programming, but has to do the latter to make up for shortcomings in the middle/high school system.

Also, this demographic does not have access to certain resources [ie. familial/friend networks + finances] others do that help them in the job market.

Overall the system needs to change because education is actually key to social mobility.

This is important research for multiple reasons; I hope Hershbein’s work continues in this area as I look forward to reading his future findings on the subject.

*“A college degree is worth less if you are raised poor” was published by Hershbein through the Brookings Institution.

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