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I’ve been so consistently right about macro movements in crypto lately, and the philosophical things discussed in the newsletter have resonated with a number of subscribers.

So I think it’s time to open the doors a bit wider after publishing Deep for a year and a half more or less as quietly as possible — it was a newsletter for my friends and kindred spirits in crypto, not for “the public.”

I don’t trust the public. The public is slow moving, manipulated by the establishment, and largely unoriginal in its thinking.

And although I don’t want to brag, existing subscribers can attest to my accuracy in predictions and trend analysis. My last bullish moment and buy-in of Litecoin occurred at $1.43 (it’s $3.96 today), last significant buy-in of Bitcoin at $230 ($454 today), and Ethereum at $0.79 ($7.97 today).

More important, I’m proud of the many technologies and coins my subscribers have avoided as a result of my warnings. It’s far easier to lose money in crypto than to make it, especially in your beginning months.

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