For the fans of the 1975, I will recommend this Japanese rock band.

(This sentence is all automatically results translated from Japanese by Google translation.)

I heard the new album of the 1975, through the Apple Music. It is very cool. (I am in the MTV generation, I like the ’80s pop.)

Do you like the 1975? Are you interested in Japanese rock music? If you like both, I recommend to you a rock band in Japan named Triceratops.

Triceratops is made up of three people. In charge of the vocals and guitar Sho Wada, Koji Hayashi in charge of the bass guitar, Yoshifumi Yoshida in charge of the drums. Everyone has a great skill.

Their music is what rock ’n’ roll and dance music are fused. I received the impression that mixed the Beatles and Michael Jackson. If you were interested in them by reading this statement, please try to access their music on Youtube. Their official account has published some of the promotional video.


Perhaps, you might not be able to watch these videos from the United States. By copyright. If this is the case, please try to put the search on the band name.

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