Bath time Epiphany

So, I work in the mind boggling, soul draining industry of advertising. The pressures of coming up with “creative” “original” ideas for everything from new soap variants to a whole new range of ice cream is overwhelming -to say the least. That too, in the time span of half a day, sugar-coated under the name of deadlines.

Most often, these ideas remain what they are- simple, albeit, brilliant ideas. And I wonder what was the point of it all? What am I doing this for if it’s all to amount to nothing. Having woken up at the crack of dawn to finish something I should have last night, I opted to think for a while…

Life truly is an endless series of opportunities. Some lead to good things and some lead to disasters. But these opportunities are always around, waiting to be plucked up. We can look at them either way:

a.) Keep hoping and trying and working as hard as you possibly can to put a dent in the universe

b.) Give up, follow the system and find only negativity everywhere

Life does give us chances. And it may never work out. But all us mortals can do is wait for that single, beautiful opportunity that incidentally some like to call “the best day of my life.”

At least for now, that’s what I’m sticking around for.