Things I have learned to be a friend

Dale Carnegie, “How to Win Friend and Influence People” if you want to make friends just start talk with others by asking different questions from them. Try to build their trust and make them feel comfortable with you. Stop worrying and start living with them. Take interest when they are talking to you make them special.

According to me when I start talk to people I faced too much problems. They were busy in their lives. Its tough to know their background their weekly routine. They talk in hurry due to their busy lives. I influence them and make a circle of trust around them and start conversation with them. They start softly and politely with me. Their is no new plan in their lives and no excitements. motivation and encouragement. They have no time to make new friends and no social circle. I am too upset they only do their work and how they are living without enjoying their lives. Leading face to face is better.

I always give priority to people in my life listen them with full attention and make them feel special and respected. I am not social too much but take interest in others to be a good friend and tries to increase my social circle. Showing a genuine interest in others not only wins friends with you. Try to build trust with them and be loyal. They will follow you and care about you.

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