Much-Needed Features To Make Your Crypto Exchange Unique

Cryptocurrency exchanges are growing, and the demand is rising too. Comparatively, recent exchange platforms are much more efficient and advanced than the typical ones. While some of them even have plug-and-play-like features to enhance the customer’s trading experience.

Regular exchange platforms facilitate the buy and sell processes between the crypto traders in a blockchain network. Other than cryptocurrencies, one can also trade NFTs and other digital assets in exchange. However, you will require a good blockchain exchange development service to develop an excellent exchange platform. This will help you stand out from the crowd and become successful.

Do-Not-Miss Features For A Crypto Exchange Platform

Every crypto exchange platform should have the fundamental features given below.

User-Friendly Interface

The exchange platform has to be simple and attractive for the customer. If the website is clumsy and has too many icons or text, then the UI of the platform will be affected. This will complicate the exchange and will lead to customer dissatisfaction.

Analytic Tools

A trader will like to have a user dashboard with integrated analytic tools. Showing the trading performance using charts and graphs will be helpful for the trader to analyze their trading strategy. You can also add indicators, Bollinger bands, and other features too. The aim is to help customers keep track of their investments and improve their decision-making.

Secure Digital Wallet

A crypto wallet will help users to access their digital assets from the blockchain. Instead of third-party wallets, you can provide an in-built wallet facility to customers. Providing a secure crypto wallet will help traders to safeguard their crypto assets from hacking. Developing a secure wallet with the help of a blockchain wallet development company will be advantageous.

Admin Panel

Admin panel is where the users can monitor their tradings and other activities simultaneously.

Other Advanced Features

Adding more functionalities to your exchange will increase the chance of overperforming your competitors.

Robust Information

Most new traders will not have little experience making good trades. So, you can offer exclusive trading tutorials, learning materials, automation tools, and others to help them explore the crypto market.

Coin Availability

You can enable users to diversify their investment portfolio by offering numerous crypto options. Adding around 150 or more cryptocurrencies to your platform will be good.


Crypto lending is a popular way to earn interest. Considering this, you can provide interest-earning features and convey them to users.

Easy Payments

Integrating touchless payment methods like QR scan payments would be a significant advantage to your platform.

24/7 Customer Support

Cryptocurrency traders might face some issues while buying and selling digital currencies. In such cases, you can give them constant customer support to rectify their issues. This will also improve the value of your brand among users.

Final Thoughts

One can integrate these features into their crypto exchange platform to make it more unique among the competitors. We hope you have understood the must-have characteristics an exchange platform requires to be successful.

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