Podcast — VR Days Europe’s curator Barbara Lippe on where XR is and where it will go

Dubbed the ‘Björk of Virtual Worlds’ by the press, Barbara Lippe is a major curator for the VR Days Europe, deciding who and what should be featured. In this podcast Barbara talks about:

— 1’40 ‘In VR I can combine my background in art direction for games and my experience as an actor. VR will change everything and is already doing this. I’m super excited that I, in my lifetime, can experience the birth of real Holodecks. As a kid I was always dreaming of Holodecks.’
— 3’30 Halo Awards
 — 4’00 Jeff Burton, Holodeck VR
— 5’30 VR reality check: where are we, what should happen
— 6’30 Location based VR entertainment and its role for the future of VR
 — 7’30 Philosopher’s Salon at VR Days Europe 2017
 — 8’20 Holodeck content call on VR Days for creative people
 — 9’35 The future of VR. ‘One day you won’t be able to distinguish between reality and virtual reality’.
 — 10’00 The role of the brain and future techniques
 — 10’50 Escaping into virtual reality
 — 12’30 At VR Days Europe there is something amazing for everyone
 Meet Barbara at the VR Days Europe 2017.