Meet Partiko — The Social Media DApp of the Future!

Social media is going through somewhat of a revolution at the moment. The advent of decentralized blockchains have made it possible to create social media platforms that are not controlled by one single party. Currently, the most popular blockchain platform for social media is Steem. It boasts thousands of active users and there are dozens of social media DApps which you can use to interface with it, Partiko being the most popular one.

Partiko allows you to earn cryptocurrency in the form of STEEM, just by writing about things that you like. You can share stories and pictures of your daily life, which other people can upvote. The more upvotes you receive, the more you will earn!

To get a glimpse of how many users are connecting to Steem on a daily basis, you can check out Steem’s activity stats on State of the Dapps. A lot of Steem’s active users are using the popular Android/IOS app Partiko to connect with the wider Steem social media blockchain. This is what makes Partiko one of the top social DApps in 2019!.

How to start using Partiko

Partiko Trending Homescreen

To create an account, you tap the ‘person icon’ on the top right side of your screen. There you will be able to either log-in with an existing Steem account or create a new account. Creating a new account is very straightforward, you just enter a unique username and your personal e-mail address, after which you’re good to go!

Partiko Login Screen
Create New Account

Partiko’s Main Features

Content Discovery

Content Discovery

Once you’ve found something that you’ve enjoyed reading, you can choose to give the post an upvote, for which the author will receive some STEEM cryptocurrency in return. When you click on the author’s username, you can also follow them to see their future articles in your personal feed (accessible by pressing the Home tab at the bottom).

Content Creation

Publish Post

Partiko Points

You receive points for:

  • Signing in every day
  • Commenting
  • Publishing posts
  • Upvoting
  • Inviting Friends

These points you can then trade in for upvotes on your own posts. You will earn actual money from these upvotes, in the form of STEEM cryptocurrency. You can easily trade STEEM for fiat currency on many different exchanges.

Partiko Points

Chat & Notifications

The main website does not have a built-in notification system to see when someone interacts with your posts or comments. This is where Partiko shines as a DApp, you will immediately know it when you receive a new comment or upvote on one of your posts.

Built-in Chat
Partiko’s Notifications

Things That Partiko Has Done Right

It offers people a great introduction into the world of decentralized applications (DApps), without requiring them to have a technical background. I would say that using Partiko is as easy as using Facebook or Twitter.

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Things that Partiko Could Improve Upon

Since Partiko is a mobile application, writing long content is fairly difficult and there aren’t that many features to properly format your post. It would be a good idea to add some more basic formatting options to the post editor, without giving up on the ease-of-use that Partiko currently offers.

Did you know it’s possible to run Partiko on Windows or MAC? Check out this post to find out how!

Conclusion & Personal Rating

I can clearly see that the team behind Partiko have done an amazing job fine-tuning their application to work on many different devices. I’ve used Partiko on a total of three different phones (Samsung Galaxy S9 — Motorola G6 Plus — HTC OnePlus) and I’ve had the same experience on all phones.

I am giving Partiko a 4 out of 5 star rating and the only reason I’m not giving a 5 star rating is because of their advertisement footers on comments.

Originally published at on March 1, 2019.