The Left Went Too Far, That’s Why They Lost

The Control of the Progressive Globalist Establishment is slowly unwinding. They tried to force feed their agenda on us by taking control of most of the power cultural power centers to make it appear that their agenda was more accepted and prevalent than it really was. The media went all in to destroy candidate and now President Trump which completely backfired, as almost half of voters believe the media makes up negative stories about President Trump. The political establishment has tried to stall his agenda which has only fueled the anger of the populist revolt that fueled the President to office as evidenced by the election of Roy Moore, the retirement of Bob Corker and eminent defeat of Jeff Flake by his primary opponent with more to come as Steve Bannon announced. They can’t defeat this populist uprising by using the same tactics that lead to it. Hollywood has been rocked by the Harvey Weinstein scandal and the myriad of actresses and actors who have spoken up about their experiences. Silicon Valley is also in the crosshairs of this populist revolt because they have long worked to suppress conservative voices and thus chosen a side in this cultural civil war. They sacrificed their neutrality to advocate for their political ideals which makes them fair game. The Las Vegas shooting which still doesn’t have a motive after 2 weeks coupled with the Uranium One Deal and the Comey Memo clearing Hillary Clinton before she was even interviewed has discredited the FBI.

It’s more than the loss of confidence and discrediting of the power centers, the Left has become the no fun can’t take a joke busy body religious zealots who want to tell everyone what to do and say. It takes so much negative energy to parse everyone’s words to find racism, sexism and privilege everywhere whether it exists or not. It just seems like such a miserable existence always looking for the worst in every situation. In a time when most are just trying to get by and find more economic security, talking about racist statues is completely out of touch. They’ve become so devoted to their religious zealotry and self-righteous virtue signaling that they’ve lost touch with reality. The far left is sitting on an island with their social engineering doctrine. The vast majority doesn’t agree with gender fluidity, climate change and see bathroom rights as a major issue facing the nation. They care about the economy, the roads, the schools, the bad trade deals and our immigration policy.

The left lost because their policies simply don’t provide economic prosperity for the working class nor are they intended to. With the rise of the Internet, social media and the democratization of information, the power structure can no longer control the narrative as they have more many generations. People see that they haven’t gotten a raise in almost 20 years and they are looking for answers, ones that aren’t being given in the traditional media. While the media portrays social justice, evil statues, white supremacy and climate change as the most pressing issues of our time, the rest of the country just wants to know they’ll have a job next week and that they’ll see a raise sometime soon. The left lost because they stopped coming down from their Ivory Tower to check on the rest of us. But maybe that was because they never cared in the first place.

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