Hack Reactor-Framework Week

Week 3: This is Framework Week and those will be your topics.
Backbone and the MVC concept

For me, Backbone was pretty weird, I was being guided by the test instead of actually understanding what I was doing, luckily my partner had a really good grasp on what she was doing and she was kind enough to explain things to me. Then came React and I also had a pretty good pair and that’s why right now I really love React, he actually explained I was in a good place, we finished our sprint early and I felt pretty satisified by what I learned from that.
Angular was a horrible thing though, I didn’t understand it well, I still want to take some time to understand it but I’ll do that with an Udemy class way ahead, I barely finished that sprint and me and my partner got pretty frustrated.
Tip: Make sure you’re really understanding Backbone, it will help you a lot to really understand what the problem is that React and Angular solve and how they do it, even if you’re not confident with one framework at least one of them should feel good, and don’t worry if one or two of them are not your area of expertise, you’re not supposed to master a Framework in just 2 days, you’re supposed to get familiar with it and know as much as you can, but that will be just a little part.