Hack Reactor-Week 2

Week 2: So in this week you get 3 sprints which main topics are:
JQuery and Inheritance Patterns
Ajax requests and some more JQuery.

It was mostly good, I struggled with all of them, actually finishing the JQuery one with help on Sunday, the Algorithm one(N-Queens) with the solution video and the AJAX request ones I was not particularly proud of, but it worked.
It went down like this, we did a little app to make dancers on a screen, with different behaviors and make them line up.
Then came N-Queens which made us deal with recursion, decision trees and some logic-intense thinking.
Next was a client that would do AJAX requests to a server, it was cool because you could make your chatroom with your cohort and you also have to make sure that you escape Cross Script Attacks, which basically means escape people using any kind of text input on your client to make some piece of Javascript run
Tip: If you’re starting to struggle, stay a bit later, not that late, and come in on Sunday and review/finish your work, but just for a few hours, like I said, you want to ease into it, that’s how I made sure that my anxiety attacks were manageable and short.