Hack Reactor-Week 4 AKA Hell Week

Week 4: This week is when if you’re not keeping up, you might fall behind pretty quickly. This is Server Week.
Asynchronous nature of dealing with request through network

That Node sprint started pretty well, I had a partner that didn’t attend on the first day so I had to guide myself with the tests, luckily; on the second day of the sprint my partner came with a lot of work done and it covered all the work I had done and some more with a lot of improvements, I really think that if it wasn’t for this particular sprint with her as a partner I wouldn’t have made it.
Then came the worst sprint for me in entire 6 weeks.
Web Historian. I think that another thing about how hard this week was for me was that I got sick, I had been attending Hack Reactor everyday, even Sundays, and staying pretty late for a few weeks now, so I guess my body decided to tell me that I needed to relax, because I was also stressing about falling behind and I didn’t know how to help myself, you really want to make sure that you get help on this week, don’t be afraid if telling your Tech Mentor or an HiR or whoever is helping you at the moment that you don’t understand what you’re doing, how to do it or even why do you want to do it. This is the week where people really fall out and get themselves on a road to fail the assessment, I was one of them.
The database sprint was pretty good and it’s actually ok not to finish it because it’s so long, the important thing is that you learn how to query a database and make sure that you know how to build a schema both in your mind and on the actual DB.
Tip: If you need help at this point, get it, ask for it, make sure that your tech mentor and your counselor know it, they are there to help you with that; also, if you need to take a break because of health reasons, take it, in the long run, if you’re feeling miserable while working it will prevent you from learning and make you really frustrated.