Hack Reactor-Week 5

Week 5: This week everyone is drained, it’s normal to feel tired because no one can keep this pace for that long without actually feeling drained.

The good thing is that it’s almost over, you only have Authentication and Deployment to go before you into MVP and build your own app from scratch, no matter how bad or good it is, it’s your app and you will learn from guiding yourself through problems and bugs.
Tip: Set a big scope for your MVP, you don’t want to be finished too early and not know what else to do, this Full Stack exercises are invaluable

This is a short post because -spoilers- I passed the tech assessment and now I’m deep into the thesis, so my time is limited.

As a final tip, I’ll just say that being approachable is the best thing you can do, try to be nice to everyone, no one makes it alone in Hack Reactor, you’ll need people and they will need you, your cohort will be your family at the end of it.

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