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His passing, ball handling, transition game, shot blocking, and man-on-man perimeter defense are all NBA-level skills, impressive for an 18-year-old. He has to improve his shooting, but most kids his age do and he has a good stroke. He’s not very physical, but that might come as he develops; even if it doesn’t, he can be an effective player on the outside. I hate tap rebounders, though, and he certainly is one, though he’ll still get his fair share with his size and length. He also gets pushed around on the inside both offensively and defensively, which might improve and might not.

If he can block shots, defend the high screen, grab some boards, start the break, run the floor, and hit some threes, that’s a damn useful guy. I think going to a team that builds his confidence and works with his strengths will be key, and why he’s unbelievably lucky the Celts have the third pick.

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