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I’ve watched this show from the beginning, and I have to say: this season was terrible. What the hell happened? What was the point in anything? The plot was a messy hodgepodge of ghosts of seasons past and current narratives that didn’t make any sense.

I feel like I just watched a season where the actors’ contracts were up and they had to write anyone who wasn’t a lead out of the show. They totally botched Paige’s recruitment which led to this awful Pastor Tim storyline, the rest of the season was the story with the Asian family which wasn’t explained and make zero sense, and getting chemical weapons for, uh…yeah. Other than that, you had Martha doing shit that was pointless and illogical before getting written out, I mean, sent off to Russia.

Throw in some older characters (Beeman’s son! The blonde teen! The black lady! And let’s do nothing interesting with Nina before making her do something ridiculous and then get killed!) and call it a wrap.

Season two seems like a long time ago.