The Enthralling Journey Of Bollywood from 1913 to the Present

Do you know the term “Bollywood” did not come into existence until the late 20th century?

If that is not something to raise your eyebrows, probably, this will. The first motion picture that laid the foundation of such a huge empire was a short film called “The Wrestlers” by Harischandra Sakharam Bhatavdekar, a portrait photographer in 1899. That’s quite old, right? You have probably never imagined that such a tiny short film could lay the first stone of such a magnificent entertainment industry. Well, Bollywood has been home to a lot of new trends since its birth in 1931. But, today, it is one of the biggest film industries in the world, earning billions and giving jobs to millions of people in the country.

It all began with the silent film “Raja Harishchandra” by Dadasaheb Phalke in 1913. The release of the first ever Indian film created a stir across the nation. Its immense success did not stop Dadasaheb Phalke from producing twenty-two more films between the period of 1913–1918. However, due to several factors, growth was slow as compared to the West.

The period from 1920–1945 is etched in umpteen films based on mythology, religion, and history. Entertainment was slowly gaining pace and in spite of the drop in number during the World War II, the audience remained loyal to Indian cinema.

The films that we see today are etched in high-voltage drama, unrealistic action, heroism, and fantasy. The characters are larger-than-life and the situations have a few resemblance to real life scenarios. This trend started with Manmohan Desai films in the 1970s who believed in taking the audience away from real life miseries in a world where romance, comedy, dance and music prevails. God is empathic towards his children and poetic justice takes place at the end. This type of movies came to be categorized as “Masala Films” and achieved huge fan following during those times. In fact, the trend continues in a much more developed form even to this day.

The “Three Khans”, Shah Rukh, Salman and Aamir has been dominating the industry from the 1990s to the present. Their huge fan following went through the roof and they also performed in numerous concerts and award functions to enhance their popularity. The Khan films ranged from the characteristic “Masala” movies to highly intellectual films of Western influence.

Bollywood Live concerts gained popularity only in the late 20th century. At first, they began with the glitzy award functions where the celebrities donned extravagant attires and performed Live in front of their fans. These award functions were mostly annual, and their profits largely depended on ticket sales. Gradually, it became a trend in the Indian film industry to sponsor Live performances where people can catch a glimpse of their favorite stars performing under the spotlight. Large sums of money were consumed to build up a successful event and they were equally profitable. Star-struck performances gave work to several background dancers and musicians and enhanced their profiles. Just like the “Masala” movies, these events too became a part and parcel of Bollywood.

Today, a number of events are organized by high-end sponsors and event management companies nationally as well as internationally. People do spend a fortune to buy tickets to these extravagant events and create everlasting memories. For example, the recent “Dabangg The Tour” by Salman Khan and his crew is taking the international fan base by storm. With Bollywood slowly gaining on an international audience, these events are held in high esteem by the national as well as global viewers. These also augment the stardom of the artists and give them a scope to showcase their talent on stage.

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