FomoJackpot and huge incomes it brings to users

May 27, 2019 · 6 min read


1. Blockchain technology and DABANKING platform:

In recent years, technology and finance world are focusing on blockchain and blockchain technology. This is the technology behind Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency. The race to innovate technology significantly affects all areas of life such as: finance, education, health, entertainment,…

With the centralized network, if the server is attacked, the entire system will be influenced. Blockchain does not store data on a server but in thousands and millions of different computers, the distributed management system helps to keep data stored safe, no one has the right to manage and handle them.

DABANKING is a leading entertainment platform in the application of Blockchain, aims to increase the transparency of all transactions and reduce intermediate costs to minimum. Encrypted data also helps to strengthen security, transacting and authenticating digital assets are also easier.

2. What is FomoJackpot?

FomoJackpot is a lottery program in the ecosystem chain of DABANKING. Unlike other traditional lottery programs, FomoJackpot is basically built on the Blockchain and programmed on the decentralized application platform called Dapps.

Dapps helps to overcome disadvantages of all previous lottery programs through the combination of smart contracts on the Ethereum platform. Players actually can check the transparency and the fairness and their benefits will be placed first. By this, users will be given the best experience they have never had before.

Only with 0.002 ETH for a ticket, you’ve already had the opportunity to get thousands of ETH worth up to thousands of dollars.

Playing and changing your financial position at the same time, why not?

3. Wise strategy to earn money with FomoJackpot

a. Instant income — maximum up to 650% at Zero round

Each round, FomoJackpot will deduct 20% of the total ticket sales to pay for all accounts having purchased tickets early and 14% paid for accounts having purchased tickets in the current round and 6% paid for tickets bought in the previous round. ( Only in Zero round, 20% will be taken to pay off )

What’s special about FomoJackpot is that the sooner you take part in, the higher your Winning Multiplier will be (Maximum x25). This coefficient has significant effect on your instant income.


If you buy 1 ETH at the Zero round as soon as possible to get the highest Winning Multiplier coefficient of x25, you will receive 2 instant incomes:

  • Instant income when ending the Zero round: 1ETH x 20% x 25% = 5 ETH
  • Instant income when ending the round 1: 1ETH x 6% x 25% = 1.5 ETH

The total ETH you receive will be 6.5 ETH ( equivalent to 650% of profit rate)

In conclusion:

With the same ETH to buy”lottery tickets”, the sooner you buy at the Zero round, the higher your “Instant income” will be. Maximum up to 650%, this is really a huge profit that you should not ignore.

b. Prize for FomoJackpot winner:

With the operating mechanism on the basis of smart contracts and decentralized application Dapps, the probability of winning is the same, completely transparent, the results are not interfered by any individuals or organizations including developers.

When having a ticket buyer, 50% of ETH sales will be allocated to the prize and divided as follows:

  • Diamond Chest (50%)
  • Ruby Chest (20%)
  • Gold Chest (5%)
  • Silver Chest (4%)
  • Drawer prize(1%)
  • Next round (20%)

There will be two countdown clocks, Green Watch and Gold Watch:

  • The Green Watch will be set countdown for 48 hours. Within the last 24 hours, each new ticket will add 30 seconds but the total additional time will not exceed 24 hours.
  • The Gold Watch will be set countdown for 48 hours. The Gold Watch only starts to countdown when the current ETH prize is higher than the previous round. At the Zero round, when the prize has at least 300 ETH, the Gold Watch starts running.

Diamond Chest

When one of the two clocks returns to 0, it will activate random dialing and Difficulty number in the current Block will be taken and transparently encrypted according to SHA256. All results are runned on this Dapps, thereby no one has ability to interfere or fake them

There are 6 prizes including:

  • 50% for 1 lucky winner with Jackpot Prize
  • 10% for each of the other 5 winners

Ruby Chest

Before one of the watches returns to 0, the last ticket buyer will be the lucky one to get 20% of total ETH in the prize pool.

Gold Chest

This prize is awarded to the person who has bought tickets with the largest amount of ETH, worth up to 5% of the prize pool

Silver chest

This prize comes from your community development, calculated according to the amount of ETH from your F1 (Maximum 1ETH for one F1)

For example:

If you have 3 F1s who buy lottery with respectively 1 ETH, 0.5 ETH, 3 ETH, the sale used to consider your prize is: 1 ETH + 0.5 ETH + 1 ETH = 2.5 ETH

Drawer prize

We have total 5 Drawer Winners

When one of the watches returns to 0, the “Draw Now” button will appear 5 times, in every 5 minutes from when the previous “Draw now” confirm success. The person who quickly confirms the first “Draw Now” will be rewarded with 60% of the Drawer Prize and 10% for each of 4 winners remaining.

It is completely possible for a lucky person to get all of the prizes mentioned above.

c. Incomes from community development:

Like other Crypto projects, community is one of the key factors determining the success or the failure of the project. The bigger community is, the more chance the project will have. Understanding that, FomoJackpot spends 17% of total ETH for referrals.

Paying for community developers is quite popular today and completely reasonable. This is a cost-effective Marketing strategy which spreads very quickly and largely in society.

Very simple, just send your referral link to other new players to join. This is a very attractive passive income when you have community or community development capability.

d.Income from DAA Token

Each time you buy a ticket, whether you win or not, you still get a chance to receive DAA Token (0.05 ETH for 1 DAA at the first mining stage. If you win the game, you need 0.055ETH to receive a DAA. With this ratio, the DAA number will depend on the amount of ETH you buy and play the game

DAA Token will be listed on free exchange as soon as possible to increase value of community.

4. In conclusion:

Not only entertainment, but also opportunities to get attractive income up to 650% instantly, not to mention transparent Dapps mechanism with high reliability, the probability to be the winner is absolutely possible. In addition, if there is a community or community development capability available, you can earn a large amount of long-term passive income.

With smart and creative rules, FomoJackpot is promising to generate the strongest effect in 2019.

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